Creative City South is a start up non-profit project to build a platform for knowledge and skills sharing between practitioners, researchers and policy makers interested in working with culture for sustainability in the global South. It is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  At the moment it functions largely as a blog for its founder: Zayd Minty (see below), sharing writing about cultural policy, and cultural development practises.   If you are interested in contributing to the project and wish to  set up a dialogue, or share writing, please contact us here.  We are interested in stories (writings, photo essays, video, graphics and more) that speak to cases of cultural policy related interventions in the global South (Africa, Latin and Central America, Asia, the Arab world, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands) which are urban based and are interested in creating a better, more equitable, more inclusive and more sustainable planet.     

creative city south is a project founded by Zayd Minty

Zayd Minty, Cultural Development Manager, Curator and Researcher. Photo by  Nick Aldridge

Zayd Minty, Cultural Development Manager, Curator and Researcher. Photo by Nick Aldridge

I am a professional cultural Development manager, curator and researcher; with a passion for culture, cities and sustainability in the Global South.

I worked in extensively in the area of cultural development various senior professional roles. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. From 1993-2016, I was worked in Cape Town, South Africa, directing: the Arts and Culture department in the Cape Town municipality,  Creative Cape Town,  the East City Design Initiative (The Fringe), the Cape Town Festival 2000 and 2002, the Black Arts Collective (BLAC) , and a number of other independent art projects and advocacy initiatives.  I've also worked in two post-apartheid museums in public programming: The Robben Island Museum and the District Six Museum.  A selection of  projects I played a key role in are pictured below.

My curatorial work is at the intersection of new museology, and public art practice: with identity, diversity and social justice as central themes. 

My research areas in culture center on: cities, diversity, heritage, cultural leadership, cultural spaces, design and public art.  i have published my writings in a variety of publications. I have spoken  at conferences and seminars, and participated as a trainer in programs.    

To see more check out my linkedin profile.

 a personal response

  • The blog emerges out of a set of personal interests which have developed over years, and is the result of a path that has led me to work in an area where i had the most passion : the animation of cities through an engagement with culture and the arts.

  • I inherited from my father, a love for travel, street food, architecture and photography. By the time I was 8, my father had travelled with his young family through a variety of cities around the globe. These experiences, really fragments of memory, often remembered smells, sounds, tastes, textures, shadows of people, and lasting images of places through slide show presentations made to friends and family, are all the traces of a long term impact. The germ of my interest in societies, culture and history was planted there. I was inspired by culture in its diversity.

  • An interest in cultural identity, the arts and human rights emerged from experiences growing up during the days of Apartheid. I understood, through these experience, that art was an important space for reflection, for resistance, for celebration and for the building of community: a reflection of culture. These were to become inspirations for me as I began a career as a professional in the field of culture, working as a cultural development manager in post Apartheid South Africa, later curating projects, and as a researcher and commentator.

  • After honing my skills and knowledge in Cape Town for over two and a half decades, I am now interested in seeing how I could respond to experiences elsewhere, to document good practices, spread learning and create opportunity for collaborations.