Culture and its link to Sustainable, inclusive city making in the Global South

We are informed by the movement to place culture and sustainability at the heart of local government policies spearheaded by Culture 21.  Culture and cities are important for a number of reasons.  They speak to core issues of identity, belonging and representation; simultaneously impacting on the economy, the social, and the spatial .  

With  cities in the global south  fast becoming home to the majority of people on the planet, we need to ask what strategies and tactics are being innovated at the urban level there, to address the challenges of sustainability and inclusivity.  Can stories help those of us involved in cultural development with relevant new ideas to help improve practise?  There is a paucity of popular writing on culture and cities from the perspective of the global South.  By telling you inspiring, context driven stories about culture in the global South, this site sets out to fill the gap a bit and help shift perspectives towards a more empowered view of the postcolonial. More..

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..for a postcolonial urban geography to aspire to significant breaks with the prescribed script, the first step would be for the once colonised to claim ‘the freedom of imagination’ in a contested field of power to imagine our cities differently
— Brenda Yeoh (2000)

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Stories of Cape Town