The Creative City South Blog is Looking for Collaborators


We are looking for writers, photographers,, videographers and other creative expression that furthers the issues that this blog deals with.   The CCS blog is a niche publication that deals primarily with local cultural policy (its processes and practise) and its connection to the urban, with a strong focus on sustainability understood broadly to include issues of the social, economic, environmental/spatial and the cultural in itself.  It has a strong focus on cultural rights and its links to social and environmental justice.

Creative City South (CCS) is a purely voluntary initiative and as yet has no income generation, therefore all content is shared on the blog on an unpaid based.   The content however remains yours.   The blog aims to foster a community of practise for those looking to advance this new field.  

WHY does THE BLOG exist?

The question may be less how far we have moved along a spectrum from a fragmented to an integrated city—that glorious teleological end-point!— but rather: how are we doing in creating/ dreaming more equitable, more cosmopolitan, more socially just, more liberating, more beautiful, more erotic, more meaningfully productive, more creative cities?

Edgar Pieterse (2006). Building with Ruins and Dreams: Some Thoughts on Realising Integrated Urban Development in South Africa through Crisis

Because of the paucity of writing on the global south, and the specific issues around its context, the blog  looks at writing about cities based in what is sometimes called the "developing world". The blog challenges this latter understanding recognizing that discourses of underdevelopment mask complex histories and contemporary challenges.  These challenges, its argued, stem from half a century of colonial exploitation: the willful abuse of societies, economies,  environments and cultural lives of those who had lived and prospered in localities of the South for centuries. The impact of this exploitation has been compounded by the more recent liberalization of economies since the 80s, which has been disastrous  for many of these already damaged areas.

While it recognizes that there are challenges faced by many of these cities of the South by repressive national regimes/policies and/or corrupt practices, this is not the sum total of the global South.  The blog recognizes the cultural dynamism, creative diversity and cosmopolitan energy of many countries of the South ripe with creativity and innovation.  This is often because of the deep histories of countries in the South.  The blog seeks to further the potentialities, while recognising the challenges that may limit.  By sharing reflective and insightful pieces about processes and practises in the global South that seek to bring about better, more inclusive, productive, democratic cities, the blog aims to further a more proactive agenda of urban change.    

To find out more about the ideas underpinning the site read here.


The blog currently attracts a readership of roughly 400 a month.  Readers come from all over the world, but currently, there is a largely South Africa based audience due to the content.  We also get a higher percentage of readers from places which have been covered by the blog to date - Indonesia and Philippines - as well as readers from USA and Europe.  The latter appear to be researchers, policy makers and practitioners. 

What we require from Contributors of writing 

For writing we are looking for articles between 800 - 1200 words, with at least 6 good illustrative images, with relevant captions and credits.

The article could cover the following 

  • the context of the project 
  • the “problem” the project was addressing 
  • a description of the project
  • what was the process of making the project
  • what was the outcome 
  • what was learnt and can be shared with the readers  

To help the reader, the article is often hyperlinked to other sources so that people can read more if they interested. These can be to further the readers knowledge on concepts used, or be links to media pieces or research work. Contributors would need to provide these links.

Creative City South volunteers will load the article, edit as necessary and post links on the various social media platforms at our disposal - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and, where relevant, Instagram and You Tube. 

The blogs are usually posted every second Thursday 6.30 GMT.  We ask that contributors use all the social media platforms they have available to cross post - thereby spreading our reach.  Every quarter a newsletter is sent to subscribers. 

Mural by Faith 47 in Woodstock.  Photographer unknown

Mural by Faith 47 in Woodstock.  Photographer unknown

Other Contributions 

Although we have not published any of these yet, we are open to receiving contributions or ideas for contributions that may be in the form of graphics or illustrations, photographs, videos and the like.  


We reserve the right to reject contributions that do not fit the blog's key intents and ethos.

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing and we can discuss concepts and deadlines.